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Tachyon : The Fringe

Iain Metcalf
from Durham United Kingdom
in PC Games
on June 11, 2016

This is the big box release of Tachyon The Fringe. Granted I have owned the DVD case version in the past and have the game on Steam but really wanted this release for a while and finally managed to source it, just so happens my mate Den put it up for sale on his site so snapped it up.

The thing I like about big box PC games like this is the content, you have a ship recognition guide which opens out and on its flip side you have a keyboard layout, then you also get a full instruction manual which has loads of extra stuff about the world in general. Not forgetting the bits like registration cards and competition flyers etc.

Such an awesome game voiced by the legendary Bruce Campbell, you are a pilot who starts out by doing menial tasks until something goes wrong and you have to find out who set you up and clear your name. The space combat works in the same way as most other games like this (X series, Freelancer and so on).

It is a fun game that doesn't actually need that many keys combined with the mouse to succesfully play it so well worth picking up if you see it cheap on Steam.


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