Blade Runner

Iain Metcalf
from Durham United Kingdom
in PC Games
on June 13, 2016

Another classic game that has never been re released due to licensing between studios (now defunct Westwood) and publishers etc.

Not based on the movie you are a low level Blade Runner and are sent to investigate what initially is robotic animals being destroyed.

This game did actually do a few things different for it's time, things like if you say you will meet someone for info in a specific place and time you have to actually be there or you lose that extra info, the NPC won't hang around.

There was a new 64 Bit installer and fix that combines the data file so you don't need the CD's once installed and fixed.

If you like Sci Fi and the Blade Runner universe I would definitely try and source this one, You will pay around £15 for it at the moment so no to expensive.

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