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Fatal Fury for Super Nintendo

Mike Meier
from Prince George British Columbia Canada
in Super Nintendo Game Collection
on November 24, 2016

Since I am a huge fan of the SNK game franchise, which of course I became a fan many years ago through playing Samurai Shodown II on the SNK Neo-Geo MVS (Multi-Video System) arcade cabinet many years ago at an old video game store I used to shop at from time to time called Microplay, as well as through playing Samurai Shodown 3 on the same console when I paid regular visits to the College I used to attend here in Canada. However, my interested in this game & it's many sequels came about after seeing the animated movies based on it. Because of all that, I just had to go buy this game at the video game store I now frequent occasionally, being Game Quest when it became available. That game just happens to be none other than the first in the iconic franchise FATAL FURY: The King Of Fighters (Also known as FATAL FURY: Legend Of The Hungry Wolf), released for the Super Nintendo.

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