Urban Chaos

Iain Metcalf
from Durham United Kingdom
in Dreamcast
on December 04, 2016

I quite like this game, just love the theme and setting. I did have it for PC back when it was released and decided to grab it on the DC a few weeks ago as it was cheap. Literally one in a slew of 3rd person action games but it plays well enough.

Video there is of the PS1 version, the DC version does look a lot better, only gripe is the lack of second analog stick or shoulder buttons so camera controls are a bit funny.


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Iain Metcalf
Durham United Kingdom
December 06, 2016

This version of it is a direct port from the PC version, instead of the devs changing shadow quality and so on to balance it out nicely for the hardware you have the PC Options screen where you have to change things yourself, this must be down to the Dreamcast running on Windows CE.

It is a decent enough game though once you sort out the options, the framerate suffers quite badly on this though which is a bit of a letdown when it comes to playability.
Burnley Lancashire United Kingdom
December 04, 2016

I remember having this for the ps1 was decent enough from what I remember. I just remember sliding people off their feet lol. Some people who had a hand in developing it liked the title so much they used it again for the ps2 fps.