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my "new" Amiga 500 ! ! !

3 NICESJody Robz
from Auckland New Zealand
in Gaming
on December 09, 2016

so there's a story behind this. We left Aus in Aug thinking it was a good idea to come back to my wife's hometown of Auckland, NZ.


so we're trying to move back to aus in the new year...

anyway i joined a vintage gaming forum for NZ. Got talking and in the end got this amiga, the mouse, the joystick and the RF addaptor for FREE - yes FREEEEEE... he gave them to me out of his collection - what a guy..

I paid him $25 for shipping/packing and parking... what a great community collectors can be.

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Jody Robz
Auckland New Zealand
December 11, 2016

never owned one mate - this is my first. 2 mates had them growing up so played a few bits on them. Bomb jack and a few others i can't remember now..
Iain Metcalf
Durham United Kingdom
December 10, 2016

Such an awesome iconic machine, reason why 16 Bit console era wasn't as big here or in Europe, this machine did everything and was also used by a lot of offices