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Commodore Amiga 600

Iain Metcalf
from Durham United Kingdom
in Commodore Amiga Hardware
on January 25, 2017

Nice little machine that was a bit strange back in the day when it was released but today it has become a lot more relevant.

Sporting 1Mb Ram (A500 came with a half meg), hard drive connector and PCMCIA slot but no side keypad. This Amiga also had a new chipset over the A500 and Kickstart 2 (There was an Amiga 500+ that had the same internal spec as the 600 but it has the full side keyboard)

Now the new Kickstart and chipset rendered some of the older games non working but a program called Relokick which soft downgrades to Kickstart 1.3 solved a lot of compatibility issues.

So today you can buy a cheap Compact Flash hard drive that has WHD Load on it which is basically hard drive adapted games from eBay for around £11, all you need to do is install the Workbench operating system on it.

The PCMCIA port you can use a program called Easy ADF and a compact flash card in the adapter to write back the files you can find on the net to proper discs.

In the past year there has also been an accelerator board released for the machine that can run Doom & Quake and the old proper Amiga 3D games and flight sims run really fast.


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