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3 NICESVectrexfan
from joliet Illinois United States
in Stuff
on June 29, 2017

i7 2600k 16gb Kingston hyper ram evga gtx 1060 ssc 6gb corsair 650 watt Psu. A little dated but still plays the new games very well.

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Corey Buckner
Chicago IL United States
June 29, 2017

Truth. I'm gonna grab a Switch just because... well Nintendo. But other than that I'm looking to hookup a PC for me and my son too. I'm pretty much done with consoles; new ones at least.
joliet Illinois United States
June 29, 2017

I was tired of most newer games being neutered for home console so I got this for fallout 4 call of duty and grand theft auto 5. I still love consoles but most new triple A games really deserve to be played at 60fps, and nothing else.
Corey Buckner
Chicago IL United States
June 29, 2017

NICE bro! I never took you for a gaming PC guy, but I see you took the plunge. What do you play on it?