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Lieutenant Commander Geordi LaForge-in Seasons 3-7 uniform

Mike Meier
from Prince George British Columbia Canada
in Star Trek: The Next Generation action figures collection
on November 11, 2017

He was another figure that I was able to add to my collection a long time ago from back when I was a kid. He was yet another one of the most unique characters that the STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION universe had to offer. He was once the ship's navigational control officer, manning the CONN on the Main Bridge, but as of Seasons 2-7, he became the Enterprise-D's chief of engineering. One of the coolest things about this figure is that he came with a VISOR (Visual Intrument Sensory Organ Replacement that can be removed from his face. Because the visor would eventually go missing in someone's house should a younger collector remove the VISOR from his face & cause it to go missing, Playmates toys eventually permanently had the VISOR glued to the figure's face when later copies of this character was released. That character just happens to be none other than the one & only Lieutenant Commander Geordi LaForge, the Seasons 3-7 version of the Enterprise-D's chief of engineering from STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION.

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