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Lieutenant Worf-in Seasons 3-7 uniform

Mike Meier
from Prince George British Columbia Canada
in Star Trek: The Next Generation action figures collection
on November 22, 2017

He was one of the first STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION figures I got from a relative, ever since Playmates Toys started releasing them in 1992. He is above all one of my ultimate favourite characters in the series, as I favour not just characters from the side of the United Federation of Planets, but also the Klingon Empire, too. That figure, in all it's glory just happens to be none other than that of the first of two Klingons to serve in Starfleet, besides B'elanna Torres from STAR TREK: VOYAGER, Lieutenant Worf, son of Mogh from Seasons 3-7 of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, who in this picture is station at Tactical, a console on the main bridge once manned by Lt. Natasha Yar in Season 1 (in addition to the Season 3 episode where she made her appearance again in an alternate timeline, "Yesterday's Enterprise.")

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Jason Garreth
February 05, 2018