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Koensayr BTL-A4 Y-Wing Starfighter

Mike Meier
from Prince George British Columbia Canada
in Star Wars Starships miniature-Hot Wheels
on February 04, 2018

Here is yet another Hot Wheels Star Wars Starship miniature I've been wanting to feature on Colexions. It's one of the many starfighters that was utilized by the Rebel Alliance/Alliance To Restore The Republic during the Battle of Yavin. It's none other than the Koensayr BTL-A4 Y-Wing Starfighter, as seen in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

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June 22, 2018

Thanks. I thought they looked bigger than something like Micro machines, but not quite the normal di-cast metal size.
Mike Meier
Prince George British Columbia Canada
February 06, 2018

To answer your question Jason, the sizes of each ship tend to vary (within the 1:64 scale range, of course). They're not the same size as the Micro Machines miniatures. They're a lot larger than those particular miniatures. It's just an estimated guess. I'm not entirely sure how big they are in terms of scale, unfortunately.

February 05, 2018

That Y-Wing is so cool Mike. How big are these ships?