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Marvel Legends Angela

1 NICESJacob Jones
from Shreveport Louisiana United States
in Marvel Legends
on February 09, 2018

Angela is a mighty warrior of heavens armies. She first appeared in Image comics Spawn # 9. I know what you're thinking. If she's image comics, why is there a ML figure of her. Long story short Todd macfarlane and the writer who created Angela went to court over who owned her. The person who wrote her, or the person who drew her. It was ultimately a 50/50 split and the writer took her to marvel. Her reasons on how she got to the marvel universe are complicated so, do your own research. But as for the figure, it is one of THE best hasbro marvel legends ever made. Lots of unique sculpt, accessories, great paint, and a BAF piece! That's a lot of plastic for $20. She is gorgeous in the comics are her likeness is great. Though she was way sexier when Todd drew her 😉

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Jacob Jones
Shreveport Louisiana United States
February 11, 2018

She's my favorite female comic character. I actually painted the face( not shown here) to resemble her look back in the Image comic days
Corey Buckner
Chicago IL United States
February 10, 2018

Nice! I dig the posing, funny. That Angela figure is dope too.