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Super Mario 64

Iain Metcalf
from Durham United Kingdom
in N64 Games
on July 11, 2018

Mario's first full 3D outing and it still plays great today

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Corey Buckner
Chicago IL United States
July 11, 2018

Definitely Top 20. While a lot of people had held out on 3D games, SM64 converted the rest of us. I agree tho, the game is very tedious and some of the level replaying seems really unnecessary.
Iain Metcalf
Durham United Kingdom
July 11, 2018

Thats a hard one as I was on the blue team backing the speeding hedgehog so never really got into Mario until a few year ago.

I do enjoy it and Nintendo certainly shown how to do a 3D game properly with fluent controls. It is an important game and pretty much ground breaking for the time. Only gripe though is replaying each level to do different things, can be a little tedious at times, then having to collect absolutely everything which again can become a bit tedious and long winded.

With regards to most important games of all time I would put it in the top 20 I would say
Corey Buckner
Chicago IL United States
July 11, 2018

How high do you rank this game on the scale of most important games of all time?