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LEGO DeLorean

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One of the most famous cars to ever grace our screens across 3 movies.

LEGO have done an amazing job recreating the time machine from Back to the Future.

I decided on the BTTF 2 variant as I find it a bit more interesting and fun with Mr Fusion and the wheels flipping onto their sides for flight.

Not forgetting the light brick which lights up the Flux Capacitor which can light up the whole cabin.

You do also have the parts for the first movie with the hook attached and the 3rd movie with whitewall tires and 50s wheels as well as the old style circuit for the front.

There are also 2 figures included with Doc & Marty. They are a bit small to actually put in a he car though.

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Corey Buckner @cbuckner
September 04, 2022

This looks really cool Iain. I really like how the bricks give it a kind of matte finish. Very nice


Eddie Jaudon @TrueGraveHeart
September 26, 2022

Great scott! This is nice