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Corey Buckner said
Merry Christmas mate! Hope your doing well.

Mainly collecting for the ps2 and ps1 now. Still pick up other stuff as I see it. Like I added Legacy Of Kain Soul Reaver and Shadowman to the Dreamcast collection. Hopefully you get yourself that Neo Geo! I've never played one of those yet. It's meant to be an amazing 2d console though. A lot of great games like Metal Slug and Samurai Showdown.

Corey Buckner said
We are heading to Turkey on Friday for a 2 week holiday, I am terrified and have been since it was booked airing my concern.

I am just now trying to relax and know if it looks like something is going to happen run and don't look back

I have even been praying for the first time in many, many years (I am more into Zen and Buddhism) but have been asking for calm and the strength to get through this current health problem and return safely from Turkey.

Honestly, feeling so very tired of it at the moment

Corey Buckner said
Hey Corey, Sorry for a late response. Thanks.

We are getting rainy and snowy weather again, they say this Monday will be the only sunny day this next week.
Thanks for telling me. I have looked at your website, but wasn't sure on joining since I am certainly not fit yet. And still need to keep at it. I'll think about joining here though now that you mention that. Glad you are happy about my collection uploads again. I hope Collexions stays up now! I do like it. Does the site do well for you, with new members and activity? Don't worry I'm still going to add more.
And I got a Nintendo Switch coming in the mail to me, should be here Thursday!

Corey Buckner said
Sorry they're late, it has been a crazy day here at Infinite Earths- thanks to a snowstorm and working on the studio - but we put up five brand new blog entries just now with five awesome collectibles!


Corey Buckner said
Hello Mr.Buckner,
My name is Brandon Williams, I run a YouTube and Twitter gaming account. I recently contacted your twitter team about an offer and they directed me to you. I was interested to see if you guys would like me to make some graphics for your site. I am very experienced with photoshop and other graphic fx programs. I have made a number of logos and banners for not only my own channel but various other creators and companies. If you would like to talk about me working for you guys feel free to DM me on Twitter or email me at I look forward to hearing back from you guys.
Brandon Williams