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C64 Collection update

posted by Iain Metcalf
from Durham United Kingdom
in Retro Computing Features
on January 13, 2017

Some will have seen on Facebook this past week that I decided to let some of my collection go. I let both my Spectrum +2 Machines and all associated games and peripherals go and my entire Atari 800XL collection, I also decided to let my Acorn Archimedes go. I unfortunately needed to do this as space has become a bit of an issue, I have loads of Amiga & Atari ST games, each box is nigh on the size of an A4 sheet of paper and 2 inches thick so they take up huge amounts of space. On top of the space needed for everything the machines I have let go hadn't been used for nigh on 2 year (barring the Atari) and they need to be used to keep them going for years more.

This leaves me with my Amstrad CPC464 and Commodore 64 on the 8 bit side of things. I do also have the Powerbase Converter for the Megadrive so also the Master System essentially for 8 Bit console.

I had around 720 games on C64 last time I had everything uploaded to Colexions, I easily have well over 1000 items now. Now the issue I have is that I do still have all the original images which is good, the bad is the whole cross referencing stuff to see what I need to photo, previously I had caught up and took photos as and when I got stuff delivered. This creates a bit of an issue, do I try to work out those newer 300 or so titles, delete everything and start again or just take photos of the more interesting stuff and go from there?!

Either way a lot of my Commodore 64 stuff is in a nice cabinet now (pictured), There are also another 2 boxes (around 2 cubic feet in size each) filled with single jewel cased games which are mainly the budget titles, cover tapes and some of the older original titles, there is also a stack of games behind me as I type this that need putting away in cabinet or yet another box (trouble with boxes is that you tend to forget what is actually in there).

So the cabinet :

Top shelf is the Twin Jewel cases (you can put upto 2 tapes in each), as you can see stacked 3 high and the bottom 2 layers are double depth, the stuff behind is compilations and lesser used stuff, I do have them set out so that software house are grouped together, so if I wanted to play say Salamander (Gradius sequel) I look in the Imagine bit and so on.

Middle shelf has the small card boxes and again are double up back to front, I do love this style packaging as it looks great and is small enough (wish they had used this style on the Amiga & Atari ST games!). Again they are set out with software house titles together, so for Turrican I look at Rainbow Arts. To the right side the laid flat boxes are my disc games, they need storing flat with the C64 using a 5 inch floppy (not the hard case oblong 3 inch Spectrum +3 & CPC6128 and 3.5 inch used on Amiga). If they were placed upright the discs over time could bend and data could end up corrupted.

Bottom shelf is the odd sized boxes, larger boxes that need extra manuals like Airborne Ranger with it's keyboard overlay, reference cards and manual (same goes for other Microprose sim like games), there are also numerous compilations there which can house from 3 upto around 6 tapes, heavier set boxes like Last Ninja 2 & 3 and Rick Dangerous and the odd sized cases that have sleeves and inlays etc.

Top drawer has the Kixx and Hit Squad titles and is packed to capacity, I did leave a few spaces to be able to shift stuff a little to be able to get things out. These are re-releases of games and usually had either a £2 or £3 price tag. the Hit Squad stuff is is laid out in correct numerical order and in the correct sections as they split it into Arcade, Sports and so on.

Bottom drawer has most of my Clamshell releases in it, there are cases similar to VHS tapes with a clear plastic over front with a sleeve that is put in. On the floor is an old tape case with carry handle with some random stuff in there!!

So as you can see my C64 collection is alive and kicking, would never let it go and it keeps growing funds allowing!!

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January 13, 2017

amazing man, I'm in england in Feb, thinking about buying your shit!@! haha
Iain Metcalf
Durham United Kingdom
January 13, 2017

I just wish there was a way to pull my collection from the old database and inject it into this new one, ah well. I will do some photos of C64 stuff, just haven't decided which way to go yet.

I am a bit gutted about letting the Spectrum etc go but I needed to be realistic with space and the C64 is my childhood machine, Amstrad CPC464 is kind of similar with a bit of Spectrum thrown in for good measure hence why I kept it (not forgetting I managed to get hold of that modern ram expansion which really makes a difference)

I now need to work out the best way to store all my Amiga & Atari ST games, see if I can better use the space I have available. Been thinking on taking them out the storage boxes and have them stacked up on a small table to the right of the cabinet. Storage boxes can sometimes be counter productive if you cant fit stuff in perfectly.
Corey Buckner
Chicago IL United States
January 13, 2017

Wow mate, you certainly have been busy. That cabinet looks great and well organized. Most importantly, it looks FULL! You know how much I appreciate well-organized shelves, so thanks for the collectible porn, lol.