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posted by Aaron Clancy
from East Northport NY United States
in General
on March 18, 2018

Hey Colexions members,

I know what i'm about to write some won't like and that's fine but i'm at the point where i have to try.

I started a GoFundMe page for myself because i lost my job about 3 months ago and i'm having trouble finding work. I have been filling out applications like crazy and i'm busting my ass every day looking for work.

I'm close to getting kicked out of the room i rent and the internet is gonna get turned off soon, i don't have anyone i'm close to to ask for help so even though i'm a bit embarrassed by it, i started the gofundme.

You don't have to donate if you don't want to or can't afford to, but even just taking a look and reading what i wrote and maybe sharing the link on your social media would be a great help.

I know i haven't really messed with colexions in a while but at one point in time it was my favorite place to go to and share my game collection and talk with friends. I will get back to sharing my collection with you guys if i don't end up selling it first. Unfortunately the way things are going i may have to. I used to have a ton of things posted here before the site went down, i'm really happy to see this site is still here and hopefully it is for a very long time.

The link is below, thanks guys!


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Aaron Clancy
East Northport NY United States
March 18, 2018

That picture i posted is me as a child, i got caught on the streets and the cops tried to scare me straight. Unfortunately it didn't work to well, i wish it had.