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Which of These Games Did You Play the Most?

posted by Corey Buckner
from Chicago IL United States
in General
on April 04, 2018

I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that a good number of us devoted a great deal of time in the 1980s playing these games. For you, which of these 4 games did yo play the most and why?

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Corey Buckner
Chicago IL United States
April 06, 2018

That's true mates. Sometimes I still forget that you guys didn't really mess with the NES over there.

@Iain Neuromancer is ADDICTIVE! I tried it recently and wow!

Burnley Lancashire United Kingdom
April 05, 2018

At the time none of them! I grew up with my older brothers having a ZX Spectrum and a Commodore 64. Then later on my eldest brother had an Amiga 600. Our first real console in the house was the SNES. My eldest bro said we did have a NES for a short time but I honestly can't remember it. My memories of the NES come from friends who had them.
Iain Metcalf
Durham United Kingdom
April 05, 2018

None of the above as the NES (consoles in general) were largely irrelevant here in the UK until the 16 Bit era with the Megadrive and SNES.

So looking at my side of things it was games like Neuromancer (adventure game loosely based on the William Gibson novel) and The Bards Tale which is a first person RPG which games like Legend of Grimrock were inspired by.

Other than that it was playing through games like Last Ninja 2 over and over again just because I REALLY liked it, a playthrough would normally be around an hour and a half, that equated to around 45 minutes play and another 45 minutes total loading time from tape as each level had to load in once the prior one was completed.