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Commodore 64 vs Nintendo Entertainment System

posted by Corey Buckner
from Chicago IL United States
in General
on April 06, 2018

One of the first things I learned when started blowing up was that, while in the United States of America the NES is regarded as the savior of the video game industry and almost universally regarded as the holy grail of the gaming industry; my new mates in the UK knew little of it in the 80s. Consider me mind blown when I learned this for the first time. Since then I've learned a great deal about retro computer gaming throughout the UK in the 1980s... and it has been a great and enjoyable experience.

The one console that seems to be universally loved around the world is the Commodore 64. Yes, the Amiga did it's thing too, but from my experience; the C64 seems to have left the biggest mark around the globe.

So... let's take a colexions poll. In the 80s, did you spend more time with the NES or with the C64? Also, what other consoles/computers did you love in the 80s; and what games did you play on them>?

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Iain Metcalf
Durham United Kingdom
April 07, 2018

Post Pt 2

The C64 did have a dedicated sound processor (SID) and also a dedicated graphics processor (VIC 2). This gave the C64 the edge over other 8 bit machines like the Spectrum & Amstrad as it had hardware scrolling which was a must for all the arcade and arcade adventure games. On the flip side the graphics can look a little blocky and pixelated at times. You look at Amstrad and Spectrum games the graphics had to be hand drawn instead of created in a sprite squared grid. This tended to make them more detailed on certain games when doing a comparison.
Iain Metcalf
Durham United Kingdom
April 07, 2018

For me we had the BBC Micro created by Acorn Computers for the BBC for their Computing for Schools program, this put the BBC Micro in classrooms up and down the country in both Junior and Senior schools. I have a BBC Model B now and love it, only thing I don't overly like though is that most games are keyboard control only, ok for things like Manic Miner with just left/right and jump but stuff like Codename Droid (Strykers Run Pt 2) it used a fair few keys as well as directional control.

Mind you Elite on the BBC is amazing and the analogue stick I have for the machine works a treat on it.

As for pitting the C64 against the NES well for me it has to be C64. Mind you visually the NES did have better looking games but it was a dedicated games only machine where the C64 could do more than just games, it was used by businesses all over the world also. Not forgetting certain games just worked better on a home computer, things like The Bards Tale, a first persaon dungeon crawler with party based combat, it would be difficult to port it over to a console given the limitations of a 2 button controller.