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What's Your Worst Film Adaptation Of A Book?

0 NICESposted by ToastyFresh
from Burnley Lancashire United Kingdom
in General
on April 24, 2018

So I had to go and do it didn't I? The Dark Tower movie had gone on Sky Cinema last Friday and my curiosity finally got the better of me..

This sprawling epic that was Stephen King's magnum opus would be such a hard task to put to screen, even for the most talented director. On the trailer though it seemed nothing but the usual blockbuster movie dross..

Now upon seeing the movie I realised they had sunk even below my basment level expectations.. The whole film was a beige cgi boring mess. The only thing it shared with the book were some of the names and the Dark Tower. Every single thing was botched! The main character was way off, instead making him a generic weary and reluctant hero. Loads of the story was missing and just plain wrong. Not to mention most of the characters being missing! Then the fact they tried to cram a series of eight books into one quite short film! Imagine trying to do that with Harry Potter? Oh and change the whole story and get rid of Ron and Hermione too...

Then again the people behind the movie have form for taking a francise and just pasting it's name onto a crappy or very average film. I Robot anyone??

So rant over! What are your most disappointing film adaptations from a book?

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