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Nintendo releasing a new console this year after all :)

posted by Iain Metcalf
from Durham United Kingdom
in General
on July 14, 2016

Came across this on Eurogamer and just HAVE to share.

Nintendo are not releasing the NX this year but they are releasing a NES Mini with 30 classic Nintendo games built in, the controller can also be used on the Wii U for the Virtual Console titles.

The games :

Balloon Fight
Bubble Bobble
Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Jr.
Double Dragon 2: The Revenge
Dr. Mario
Final Fantasy
Ghosts 'n Goblins
Ice Climber
Kid Icarus
Kirby's Adventure
Mario Bros.
Mega Man 2
Ninja Gaiden
Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream
Super C
Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros. 2
Super Mario Bros. 3
Tecmo Bowl
The Legend of Zelda
Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link

Got to get me one of these for Christmas this year


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Iain Metcalf
Durham United Kingdom
July 15, 2016

I love the fact it has Bubble Bobble, Galaga & Ghosts n' Goblins on there, not Nintendo games but complete classics in every sense.

According to pricing I have read it is going to be $60 for the machine and you can buy extra controller for another $10. Unfortunately for those of us in the UK they have decided to say 60 for the machine and an extra 10 for the controller!!

Mind you at that price you still can't complain really, works out at 2 per game essentially with a free box and controller to connect to the TV!!

Talking of TV this new machine has HDMI and it has save states so I am assuming that it is Nintendo's own emulator that they use on the WiiU & 3DS which is always a handy thing for the tricky parts on Super Mario Bros and Metroid etc.

July 14, 2016

Wait a minute, Pac Man? Nintendo licensed an unlicensed game that was a MAJOR legal battle between Tengen/Atari and Nintendo? Wow, Nintendo has REALLY matured.

I also wonder if we will get "Punch Out" or "Mike Tyson's Punch Out." But hey at least you get Doki Doki Panic (Mario 2).

Alright, enough throwing around trivia. It looks cool, and if I so picky about "I need to have the original physical release" (as well as already having 1/3 of them already), I would probably get this. It looks like it's going to be as authentic an experience as possible without the playing the actual original.
Burnley Lancashire United Kingdom
July 14, 2016

Not having played the NES really all that much it could be something that would interest me. The list of games are pretty sweet too! Definately a lot there to show off the machine. Ideally I'd prefer to own the original machine but the games are super expensive! So this could be the next best thing to having the authentic experience. Hopefully the quality is good as other machine like this haven't always been the best.
Corey Buckner
Chicago IL United States
July 14, 2016

You are going to love it Iain! I can't wait to see what you think of it when you get to play it.
Iain Metcalf
Durham United Kingdom
July 14, 2016

I never experienced the NES until Corey sent me the 2DS a while back, getting one of these with a load of decent games is a must to experience the titles first hand with a wired controller etc

Decided I am getting one for Christmas this year
Corey Buckner
Chicago IL United States
July 14, 2016

True story Matt!

July 14, 2016

I know what the kids are getting for Christmas this year wink wink!
Corey Buckner
Chicago IL United States
July 14, 2016


July 14, 2016

yes yes yes take my money - take it - TAKE ITTTTTTT