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Xenoblade Chronicles Edition Wii U

Andrew Smith in his Wii U collection
June 11, 2016

So the Wii U with Xenoblade Chronicles Limited edition.
as for the Console I really am enjoying it I'm finding it very comfortable to use and the bonus of being able to play the game only on the gamepad love it

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Iain Metcalf @IainM
June 12, 2016

This is the one I got also, great machine with some fun titles, wouldn't care I had worked out how to play Xenoblade and got to the city but haven't played it since so will now need to start again.I have bought quite a few of the virtual console releases but a bit dissapointed that they are not crossbuy with the 3DS, mind you I did grab Twilight Princess day of release and alsopicked up DK Tropical Freeze

Andrew Smith @bulletmarv
June 16, 2016

Yeah I thought that it was a missed extra for the Wii U not having a Nintendo ds/3ds port. Complete missed opportunity but I guess you could use a card for hacking the system.