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Happy 35th Anniversary Street Fighter

by Corey Buckner on August 11, 2022

35 years ago today the fighting game genre was born with the release of the original Street Fighter. While this game had many flaws, its legacy will forever live on more because of its 16-bit successor than the impact it had itself. Still, "game recognize game", and we can celebrate Street Fighter for its contribution to the video game industry.

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Iain Metcalf @IainM
August 18, 2022

It wasn't the first one on one fighter but it is the one that started the craze!

I remember seeing this in an arcade back in the day. It was the original release that had the huge yellow pads and the harder you hit the pads the harder you hit your opponents. Needless to say people breaking fingers and hands made them change it to light/heavy attack regular buttons.

Not a huge fan of the SF series in general as I'm not keen on 2D fighters in general except the really old ones like IK, Karateka and Way of the Exploding Fist.

Stuff like Tekken & Soul Calibur are what I prefer with full 3D movement round the arenas. If you got attacked in the street you would dodge round the side etc to get out the way and counter.


Corey Buckner @cbuckner
August 18, 2022

I'm kind of the opposite. I never really made the jump to 3D fighters, so Street Fighter & the Capcom VS games are still my favorites. I still get excited for the new 2D plane fighters. Although, I say all the time that the Soul Caliber games are the most beautiful fighting games on the planet.