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The 5 Best Horror Film Antagonists

by Corey Buckner on September 03, 2022

Look, in the conversation on the greatest single horror movie antagonist of all time I don't want to hear anything about Michael Meyers or Jason Vorhees. As far as I'm concerned there is only O.G. (original gangsta') of horror films and his name is Freddy Kreuger. Freddy is the winner hands down and those other guys are just pretenders. Those A Nightmare on Elm Street films absolutely terrified me as a kid. Yet, as mortified as I was at the idea of someone killing me in my sleep over something my parents did, Freddy Kreuger's smack talking game was so on point that I still found myself cracking up as he dropped one-liners while slashing teenagers to death while they slumbered. Compared to other horror film antagonists' appearances, Freddy's pizza face is by far the scariest. Yeah, Jason's mask is cool and Michael Meyers' prison outfit is iconic; but that pizza face, striped sweater and brown hat are on a level that is completely their own. As it relates to weaponry, what kid of the 80s and early 90s didn't stick four butter knives between their fingers and walk around saying, "1-2 Freddy's coming for you,"? We all did it because that bladed glove was cool as heck.

I could go on and on about all the reasons I think Freddy Kreuger is leaps and bounds better than all the other horror film antagonists, but if you've seen the movies you already know. Freddy was a cool and calculated killer who took his fight to a place where we were not in control. This man got back at the people who murdered him by going after their kids in their dreams. That my friend is both terrifying and genius at the same time. As horror plots go, his story was much more reasonable and believable than the typical plot devices used to explain why, for ninety minutes of runtime, a maniacal serial killer was killing sexually active teens at "Lake Something" or "Camp Somewhere".

Finally, did I mention that Freddy Kreger was funny? Because I feel like I need to mention that Freddy's one-liner pun game would put your dad's dad joke game to shame. The 5 Best is a PG affair, so I won't repeat my favorite Freddy Kreuger one-liners here, but trust me, Freddy will have you in stitches. Even now, present day, me; Corey B. Buckner, a man who rarely swears will walk around in my head repeating, "Welcome to prime time b****," for hours. This is a line that Freddy Kreuger uttered just before ramming a teenage girl's head through a TV in 1987's A Nightmare on Elm Street 3! That's how impactful and long-standing Freddy' pun game is.

That's it, this is my list of The 5 Best Horror movie antagonists of all time. I'm sure most of you will vehemently disagree with me on some of my choices, and I'd love to discuss your choices and your thoughts on my choices on and across social media wherever we are connected.

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