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10 Years Ago Today

by Corey Buckner on November 18, 2022

Ten years ago today the Wii U was released in North America. Although it gets a bad wrap for being Nintendo's worse home console, it is still one of my favorite consoles of that era. In fact, I still prefer the Wii U and its limited list of available titles over its competition from that generation. Also, for me, this was the last launch that I had the opportunity of going through with my son CJ. Life changed after that for me, those who have know me long enough know what I'm referring to, and by the time my son and I were able to spend significant time together again we were well into the Switch era. Now he's grown so the Wii U will forever own that distinction.

So I can admit that there is a lot of personal nostalgia wrapped up in my fondness for this Nintendo console. But, the Wii U had some fun games, several of which I own on the Switch now. New Super Mario Bros Wii U was great fun for me, Xenoblade Chronicles X is a killer app, and Mario Maker is more Nintendo ingenuity. Unfortunately, outside of my personal experiences The Wii U was short-lived and didn't fair well against the PS4 and XBOXONE. Still, every console has some good and I wonder if you were a past or current owner of the Wii U, and if you were/are; what are your memories with it?

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