Organize & Manage Your Collectibles

Showcase Your Collectibles

Upload photos of your collectibles and add them to your display case where they will be organized and easily viewed by other people who visit your colexions page.

Organize Your Collectibles

colexions is your free, online database for managing your collectibles. Create categories, search, filter and export your personal database to CSV on

Share Your Collectibles

When you upload photos of your collectibles to your display case, they are also shared in the colexions social network and will be seen and discussed by the other members of colexions.

Trade & Sell Collectibles

When you upload photos of your collectibles, you can also list them for sell or trade. This will notify the other members of colexions that you are looking to make a deal on them.

The Social Network for Collectors

Choose Who You Want to See

The colexions social network allows you to follow the other collectors whose collections you want to watch grow, and then switch between seeing only their posts or watching the full community's collections grow.

Choose What You Want to See

The colexions social network for collectors is a fresh approch to social media style content delivery. You can customize what content you want to see from the colexions TEAM and other collectors to make sure you are having the experience that you want to have.

Meet Other Collectors

The colexions social network is a customizable experience that works to respectfully introduce you to other collectors on colexions that you may want to meet and connect with.

Watch Other Collectors' Collecting Journies

The coelxions social network allows you to watch other collectors around the world add to and build their collections.